Green Grocery Shopping...

Gotta get groceries and I gotta get greener - "Green Groceries" this week feels like an oxymoron. I stopped on the way back from Liv's karate class to pick up a few groceries. It was easier to stop at Aldi's instead of taking the extra time to go into Walmart, get seduced by EVERYTHING and end up spending two hours instead of 20 minutes.

Aldi's is apparently not into greening the joint up. All of the fruit and veggies were in plastic containers. The peppers, tomatoes, no veggie was left untouched. Then I spent two minutes feeling guilty over eggs. Are these local? No. They're in styrofoam. Should I still buy them? Is there anything I can do with styrofoam? What crafts?


In the end I got what I needed. Spent 69 cents more on organic tortilla chips and used my cloth shopping bags. I have a feeling grocery shopping is going to be accompanied by a hippie in hemp waggin their finger at me on one shoulder and an a-hole in a Hummer with endangered polar bear-covered seats on the other side.

I could have left, I could have dragged both kids to Walmart up the street, but that felt like a waste of gas. Of course I could have gone to Whole Paycheck, I mean, Whole Foods waaaaay on the other side of town and spent $40 in gas getting there. Why are all of the health stores in the burbs?

The Good:
  • I remembered the cloth bags
  • Saved gas by going to a store along the way home
  • Bought one organic product
The Bad:
  • I bought eggs in styrofoam.
  • I bought grapes encased in a plastic habitat.
  • Got a little pissed at the Earth, the Man and my wallet.
The Lesson: Keep trying and petition Aldi's for a better selection of green products.

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Fern said...

My only tip is on the eggs container... They make great paint holders for holding small amounts of paint while your kids are working on something... also, if you blow out your Easter eggs, you can store them in a clean egg container for next year! Yippee!

I'm trying to go greener around here too, so I love your blog and especially loved your cleaning solution recipes above. Thanks!