Columbus City Schools Out of Snow Days

Well, while the rest of Columbus school children get to hang out one more day on the sledding hills, my daughter had school today. I didn't see her school on the closed list and called on a lark. Surprise, surprise they answered the phone! Nothing like the promise of 3 uninterrupted work hours to get a momma moving. She was dressed and ready to go in forty seconds flat :0)

You have to understand, I was sick all of last week, then my 10 month old came down with the yuckies and finally my husband. An opportunity to get something done is just too exciting.

Unfortunately for the majority of Columbus school children, they will have to keep on pins and needles and hope mother nature doesn't decide to dump more winter weather between now and next school year - they are all out of snow days. Now, any more snow days will result in make up days, usually at the end of the year. Yikes! A longer school year? Your kid just shuddered and not from the cold!

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