Apple's Leopard a Nasty Halloween Trick for Some...

Apple just screwed me. No, it's not my Steve Jobs fantasy again - I just upgraded to Leopard, Apple's new operating system, yet I'm typing this from a PC with Windows 98. I feel so dirty....

Apparently Leopard has a nasty side for some of us MAC users. When you upgrade, Leopard decides you shouldn't have access to your old files. As a matter of fact you can't even log into your MAC. I'm talking about a complete lock out here people. Your MAC give you a log in box with the only option of "Other." I said what the heck, I'll just type in my normal username and password - no good. NO GOOD!

I have deadlines swimming around me like sharks, which is why I'm upstairs on my husbands PC which has given me the "blue screen of death" twice. Normally I'd sit all smug when PC users would bemoan the Windows upgrades and the many, many kinks and bugs. Then Apple does this to me.

Last night I searched the net looking for any info somebody might have. As it trickled in I realized I am not the only one. The Apple discussion boards are alive with Leopard upgraders who are looking at an empty log in box. Some solutions are offered, including one from Apple, that has users restarting in single user mode and typing in commands. I'm sorry the last time I typed a command into a computer involved:
10 Run
20 Left
...or something to that affect. That was in second grade when you made the turtle make shapes. For those of you don't remember - too bad :-)

The upgrade isn't exactly cheap and now I'm being asked to reprogram my own system so that when I screw it up I'm even more screwed. Did I mention I've got deadlines? So I move a couple of posts down in which someone says that Apple has a patch available, which is great for those who have UPGRADED YET! WTF Apple!

Come on Steve, ya killin' me. I'm losing my edge and my sanity. Is this a Halloween Prank? Because I'd rather if you'd TP the house. So instead of wrapping up my DEADLINES and taking the girls out for a little candy huntin' I'll be hanging out at the Genius Bar with a few hundred of my fellow MAC users.

In the freelance world it's important to make sure you've got backups. Mine is an old computer with an obsolete operating system while my top of the line MACBook Pro sits on the sidelines with it's own version of the "blue screen of death."

Updates to follow...


Boo at the Zoo, Ohioana and Elections, Oh my!

This weekend was a busy one! Being the fab parent I am, I hustled my two children and husband off to the Boo at the Zoo. This annual Columbus event is a great one for families and those looking for free candy.

Besides the cool animals and the free candy, there are always "enrichment" programs for the animals. Basically the zoo personnel give the animals pumpkins to smash for entertainment. Both humans and animals - is there a difference - get a kick out of smashing fruit. Remember Gallagher?

The great kids costumes were cool to see and then there's the free candy. I remember last year it was tootsie rolls. Everyone had tootsie rolls, boring! I'm glad to see some vendors stepped it up this year. I mean let's be honest - the kids do the collecting and we parents do the pillaging. Saving the kids from cavities right?

The construction appears to be coming along nicely and I for one can't wait 'til the waterpark reopens. Though one thing I do hate is the loooong walk from inside the zoo to the parking lot. I feel like Clark Griswold going to Wally World.

I got to volunteer at the Ohioana Gala Friday night and rub elbows with well-known Ohio authors and literary types while selling raffle tickets and eating stuffed mushrooms. I'm just putting myself out there and I realized quickly that the literary crowd is one I halfway know already. Old professors and former classmates were all over the place. It was cool to catch up and meet some new friends while serving a good cause. I made over $350 bucks for the organization with my raffle tickets. Not bad for a girl who can't sell Girl Scout Cookies.

Elections are Coming
Last week the Franklin County Board of Elections announced it was short over 100 Democrats and Republicans to work the polls for the upcoming election. Fearing anarchy I answered the call and filled out an application last week to be a judge or presiding judge - whatever, I'm not choosy - get it voting, choosy... I expected a call immediately or at least by the end of the week since they were so desperate.

Today I still had not heard from them so I decided to give them a ring. Turns out they've been working all weekend going through applications. The nice lady on the phone told me to "give them a couple more days." Not a problem, unless of course you realize the elections are next Tuesday. I assume there's some sort of training involved or maybe just a short video of the 2000 election in Florida as an example of what not to do. I'll keep ya posted and in the meantime log on to the Board of Elections Web site to check your polling place, sign up to be a poll worker, etc. Vote people!

What did you do this weekend? Did ya bring me something back?


12 Week Maternity leave proposal...

You just got the hang of getting those little arms inside the little sleeves of the onsies. You're starting to recongnize the subtle difference between the "I'm starving woman!" cry and the "There is something cold and wet in my pants" cry. Six weeks after giving birth you may even feel less squishy. (Those who've given birth know what I'm talking about.) But just as things are getting to a new normal, it's time for you to go back to work.

Time for you to get over that dull ache in your back from the epidural and carrying around that lovely smelling sack of baby that weighs between 5 - 10 pounds. Time to separate from the new love of your life and hand over that new love to a babysitter. Time to figure out how to relax and pump milk while at work going over deadlines and missing your baby.

Is six weeks really enough time? Definitely not, especially for women who had to start their maternity leave early. Well there may be good news coming, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission voted to have the mandatory maternity leave extended to 12 weeks.

Of course there will be challenges to this new ruling. It has to be seen if the Rights Commission has the right to make such a significant change. Others say it will hurt small businesses. Some business owners say they will have to find and pay temp workers to fill the time missed by recovering moms. How many pregnant women are there in one particular business at any given time? What would be the difference if she was ill with cancer and out for 12 weeks?

Others argue that the vote discriminates against men. Stop laughing. They're serious. Insert obvious counter argument here:______________________________________. Seriously stop laughing, your boss is going to notice you're not working...

On the Dispatch's Web site, a woman chimed in on the comments section that pregnancy should be treated as any other illness because it's a choice. No special treatment. I think she should call her mother and tell her that. Since when is pregnancy an illness?

Let's look at common sense for a minute people. It took 9 months to grow and produce a child. Nine months for a body to change to produce the next set of workers. So what makes anyone think it will take 6 weeks to get back in fighting shape? Businesses should pay pregnant women for producing more potential members of the workforce.


300 Ohio Drivers Affected by Stolen Information

Ohioans have another reason to be worried. A printer holding 300+ drivers license images was stolen Saturday from a BMV office.

Yikes! If you weren't involved in the whole intern-stolen-data debaucle you might have counted yourself lucky. Then the next thing you know you've renewed your license and opened yourself up to more personal data loss.

I'm sure everyone will be asking the usual questions of why is the info stored that way, how can we prevent this from happening again, etc. My question is what nut would break into the BMV?

How stupid could you be to break into a state agency? Isn't the whole point not to get caught? So the genius who did this bypassed several regular offices, perhaps a gas station or two and went straight for the the place you're guarenteed to have the fuzz intensively looking for you. Nice.


Playboy's in town!

Men on OSU's campus are swooning at the thought of co-eds lining up to be in Playboy. The men's magazine is in town scouting for their "Girls of the Big Ten" edition. Bust out the thongs! Or better yet, don't and get your butt to class. The last thing Daddy wants to see is your Physics grade and your ass spread out on page 23 with a list of your turn ons. Hmmm...I've got two girls, can you home school a college student?


Skybus Cancellations Not a Fantastic Voyage for Customers

Skybus customers hoping to get to the West Si-ide of the country in the coming months got a rude awakening via email this week.

As reported in the Columbus Dispatch, Skybus, Columbus' new discounted airline, has cancelled routes going to San Diego, CA and Bellingham, WA. It has also cut one of the daily routes to Burbank, CA, leaving customer holding refunds and little else.

Understandably customers are upset, especially those who got a sweet deal with those $10 fares Skybus offers. It appears that Skybus is taking feeling its way around seeing which routes are the successful, profitable ones a good sign given the state of the airline industry. An airline that is making smart business decisions as opposed to putting all their money together in a pile and burning it? Better call and check the temps in Hades folks!

Too bad customers had to get shafted on that one. What's in Bellingham, Washington anyway?


Welcome to Blogging Columbus, or B.C. as we will come to call it. I am excited to get to work on blogging the news and happenings in the great city that is Columbus, Ohio! Mainstream, off-the-wall and alternative news and events get talked about right here, right now.

My goal is to create a composite of what it's like to live, work and play in Columbus. In turn I hope that you all will be open with your chatter, information and yes, even criticism. So let's get started!