If It's Yellow Let it Mellow...

...If it's brown flush it down. Catchy little rhyme and a good way to help out the environment. My family and I have been practicing this for about 3 weeks now and I have to say I've learned some things about how to make this little diddy work for you:
  • Don't do mellow yellow when it's very hot outside and your upstairs is warmer than the rest of the house.
  • Carefully explain the concept to anyone using the potty under 8 in the home. My 4 year-old lets everything mellow - Eww.
  • Be prepared to clean the toilet more often so it's important to have your environmentally friendly cleaning solution on hand. I like Borax and white vinegar.
  • You may chose not to mellow all day. All night when usage is down - cool. All day, not so much. Try 3 -4 flushes a day, beats the 400 my toddler puts it through.
  • Doing the mellow is a great way to figure out if you and the rest of your family are getting enough water.
  • Invest in a toilet lock if you've got a little one who believes in putting all things movable in the toilet. It's one thing to fish it out of relatively clean water, a whole other thing to go fishing in hour old pee.
  • No mellowing when guest come, I don't care how environmentally friendly they are, they don't wanna share pee with you.
So how bout it folks - should I call you Mellow Yellow or grossed out?