Multi-Tasking Extremes and Columbus Happenings...

I'm a proud member of Mocha Moms of Greater Columbus and we are having our annual Sweetheart Soiree on February 9th. It's always a great time and the mochas have been hard at work getting things ready.

For those of you interested in our event here are the details - email me if you want to buy a ticket, but act fast, deadline for sales is Feb.1st!

The Fourth Annual Mocha Mom Sweetheart Soiree -

This year's theme is:
"A Magical Mocha Masquerade"
Dinner, dancing, casino-themed games and a silent auction is sure to make this a night you won't forget!
Tickets are $35 for singles, $60 for couples.
Formal attire is requested, black tie is optional.
$50 cash prize for the best mask!!

**A portion of the proceeds from this year's Soiree will support Mocha Mom's scholarship program and CHOICES, a local charity that provides shelter and support to victims of domestic violence.

Mocha Moms is a support group for mother's of color. Most of our moms are stay-at-home moms, but others work full-time, part-time, own their own businesses.

Also, those who purchase a table will receive a complimentary champagne toast. Please see me for more details!

The funny thing is I always remember a gang of people I could invite right before the deadline so I've been busy getting out invites and hitting up people's MySpace pages. Is it just me or does everyone and their mom have a MySpace page?

Anyway, the next to do item is making a mask for my husband and myself. I thought about ordering it but alas, my creative bug jumped up and won't let me so I'm hitting the craft stores this week.

So in addition to several work projects, getting tax things together, getting a sitter, planning one of my best friends' wedding in another city and finding some fabulous shoes, I'm attempting to create a Venetian mask. I think I'm allergic to short to-do lists...

Any other multi-tasking mommas out there?

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Mayor Coleman Wears LSU Jersey...

Our mayor had to settle up a bet so he broke down and wore an LSU jersey to the council meeting.

I'm seeing these bets are only fun when we win.

I for one refuse to bitter about our loss. I'm disappointed like any competitor. But, I remind myself that once again we got to the national championships. That's nothing to sneeze at. I am am also comforted that most of our homies are coming back for another year. I am disappointed by Vernon Gholston leaving. Not only is he a great player, but he looks damn good in his undershirt.

No, I'm not revealing any secrets, I've never met young Mr. Gholston, I've just seen them warm up. Whoo hoo! Ah well..


My March Primary Info Arrived, The Power of the American Vote.

The big square envelope arrived the other day in the mail. My information for the March primary. The primary that is the first step in electing a new president.


Something so simple, in such a benign package, has the ability to affect the world.

It's not ego driving my thoughts, in fact I wish it wasn't so important sometimes. Especially when you look at the dismal voter turnout rate for primaries. But no matter who we chose, and who is elected president, that person will be our representative to the world. That person will have to grapple with the war, the rippling aftermath of the Bhutto assassination, global warming, Middle East peace talks, etc.

I'm really struggling with who to choose. Who is going to represent the country well? Who is going to speak for all Americans and not just those who donated, or those who think the same as the candidate, or those who will get them re-elected.

There is not one candidate who has all the answers. But there are some with some really great ideas. That's why a president has advisors, wait, let me correct that. That's why a president should have GOOD advisors, the kind that tell the truth. Then everyone can put their heads together and come up with good solutions. At least, that's my impression of how it should work.

Readers, all I ask is that you vote for someone. Think carefully, look at the person behind the curtain, not the one with the smoke and lights, to reference The Wizard of Oz.

The one thing I ask is NO MORE "C" STUDENTS! Seriously, if there's ever a time to have someone who excelled in history, math, science and government class, this would be it.

You wouldn't let someone who barely passed accounting do your taxes, why would you let someone who's proud of being barely average run the country? Think about your dumbest, but functional friend, now think about them with the codes to nukes - Exactly. You should be scared!