Harris to Eliminate Middle-School

Her new plan will put sixth graders in with elementary and 7th & 8th graders in with high school.

Checking the comments section at dispatch.com makes me realize I'm not alone in thinking this is a bad idea. I am not as far removed from high school and middle school as Harris is and thinking back to those days of middle school mayhem, no way would I have wanted to be housed in the same building as high school kids.

Seventh and eighth graders are not emotionally or even physically ready for high school. Harris states that it will save money. Well letting eighth graders teach first grade would save money - payment in nachos and video games - but it doesn't make much sense either.

I'm just wondering - is it strange that Columbus can come up with money to build new arenas and transform the former Big Bear warehouse, oh and let's not forget the millions it took to fix the archway in Short North, but comes up with a bootleg solution to funding for schools? Let's stop using the album cover to sweep up the dirt, there are better solutions.

Harris says it will also stop kids from dropping out during the transition from junior high to high school and will help parents get involved in their kids' schools because they'll be able to form a relationship.

Kids who are going to drop out in transition need more support than just sticking them in the same school with adults in training. And parents who are going to be involved are involved from day one. They don't decide in the 3rd year of a six year tenure at high school to suddenly show up for a parent-teacher conference. Here's how adults form relationships with those involved with their kids: "Hi, I'm lil' Mary's mom. Anyway I can help in the classroom? How's she doing in Algebra?" There are more serious, in depth solutions to the problems of school drop-outs and uninvolved parents.

Blanket solutions don't work, especially this one.


Missing writer...

Wait, I've been found. Whoops! Lost myself there. Ever lose yourself in whatever it is you're doing?

You may have seen me, jamming to whatever Jefferson Airplane or other evergreen Top 40 hit playing on the store's intercom. I'm the woman in the next aisle that has forgotten I'm not at home. Sure I'm looking for peanut butter. I'm also shakin' my booty until I almost mow you down with said booty after I get carried away shakin' my groove thing around the corner.

Instantly I'm embarrassed, you're amused and I slink away to another aisle quietly until "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" comes on...

'Fess up - where do you lose yourself?


Let it Snow Columbus!

It's here! It's here! The white stuff, the winter wonderland, the heavy accumalation that makes people break their backs, kids go nuts and drivers in Columbus absolutely lose their minds.

What is it about bad weather and drivers here? I swear, as soon as it looks like things may get a little hairy, folks run about like the sky's falling running into each other.

As a Columbus transplant I'm still confused. I've been here over 10 years now and I witness it every year. As soon as snow hits the ground folks hit the gas pedal!

And we're not going to even talk about those folks who roll SUV's and pickup trucks that we always see on the side of the road after they float past doing 80. Come on folks, be nice and take care of each other out there.

I'm going out to make snow angels!


Back to the National Championships! Why all the hatin'?

I love Ohio State I really do. But, I like to believe I'm pretty darn objective about our teams and our chances. I know that if Channel 10 ever interviews me before a tough game, I'm going to be the spoilsport that says "Well, it's going to be a tough one, LSU is a great team, the game is going to be fought and won upfront." Boooo. What they want me to say in a loud, slightly blitzed voice is "Whoo hooo! OSU 50, God 12!!! Go Bucks!"

As we head back to the national championships I have to wonder why there is so much hating on OSU. We only lost one game. We're a great team. The way the bowl game circuit is set up, we deserve to go back. Yet the folks drinking the haterade still wonder aloud why we're there.

Mark May has had a burr in his side for us since forever, not sure if he's pissed we didn't recruit him or what. But May aside, many analysts think we just coasted while they jump up and down to defend 2 loss LSU.

"They lost in overtimes," they cry. But they still lost. Twice. Late in the season. When we were undefeated folks passed over us saying "Oh, their schedule is weak." Michigan lost to Appalachian State. That's weak.

What happened to all the Buckeye love? Do folks tire so quickly? Now if we lose to LSU, they'll say we weren't supposed to be there. If we win, Mark "Punk Butt" May will find a way to steal a little of our thunder. A bit. Because at this point no one but other haters even pay him any attention.

Did anyone watch the Bowl selection last night? What was up with Mark May eating jerky while everyone else was listening to Tressel? Then he dismissed Herbstreet's analysis and pointing out of May's bias as just Buckeye blather... Somebody needs to hit Mark May with a buckeye. Hard. On the kneecap.

That's alright, we buckeyes thrive as the underdog.

By the way, what was up with Lee Corso not remembering anyone's name last night?