Skybus Screws Passengers - Join the Club

It's interesting that so many people are put out by the Skybus collapse. They are shocked by the nerve of a company to allow people to board a plane, go to a destination and know they have no way home.

But really, isn't this just par for the course when it comes to American companies and their ability to work over the masses?

Enron, the old Savings and Loan fiasco, big oil companies making billions in profit while families make a choice between food and gas...I could go on and on.

As I've watched things unfold over the weekend my heart just broke when I heard about a couple who bought their grandchildren tickets for all of them 12 or 13, I believe to meet in Florida this summer to have a reunion. That of course is now impossible. The poor kids, what a great Christmas gift and the poor grandparents. All grandparents want to do is see their grandkids smile and now they have to tell them the bad news - 12 or 13 times. Nice.

Business experts have said all weekend the company's model was weak, stupid, out of step with other successful models. So if everyone knew this why did so many political and business leaders fall all over themselves to get in on this?

My real question is - what kind of "Golden Parachute" does the executive board have?

If you haven't already - weigh in. What's your thoughts on Skybus' collapse?